Someone found us!?

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Someone found us!?

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Was just browsing, and found someone has found this site already? By the looks of it, an old GM of Old ScytheRO. Unbelievable!
It's nice to see members of the RO community from days of old are still lingering.

I'm sad to see such an awesome server shut down, thus, I wish to dedicate this server in memory of all the old original ScytheRO staff. Zairik, Scyred, Lisa, Yari, Reignes, Lando, Sho, Kit as well as the old players. Good times
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Re: Someone found us!?

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Hello there~
I worked with Zairik on his last two servers as a co-Admin. I have old scripts, such as the Disguise Room, as well as a few others he created and myself. I also have custom maps I created that never really got to be used much. A month or two ago I actually had downloaded the latest SVN and compiled a server and application, loading in customs among other things just to fill some of that nostalgia. A number of things changed I found out, forced me to manually script all the customs I had since the whole file structure changed. Had to relearn a number of things. Did some OBS recording too but just haven't had time to get around to putting it into a video.

I have a decent list of skill edits to get back to how it used to be and some old ScytheRO loading screens too.
I noticed you specified 3rd jobs/renewal. I personally would recommend making a renewal server, although disable all related 3rd job quests and ability to actually change to 3rd job (except by a staff maybe). Since there are a number of NPC's and quests included in renewal that I would like to see retained in the game.

Although I'm generally pretty busy during the weekday, I would like the chance to help out and be part of the team as someone who played all of Erik's servers since ~2008 (including PoisonRO and AfterlifeRO).
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