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Server Information

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Hi everyone.

My name is Kro.
I've been on and off the RO scene for many many years now, first started in the early 2000's (can't remember exactly when).

I've contributed to a few servers in the past, as well as run my own semi-successful server. Not to mention contributing to eAthena/rAthena development (just a tad).
Don't know what else to say about myself, so let's just get on with why you're reading this; "What is this server all about?"

ScytheRO shall be a super high rate server
20k levelling rates, 3rd jobs, custom drop rates, custom vanity gears, max level 1000, max stats 1000, with the ability to reset your level, to eventually max all your stats.

As weird as it sounds, this actually sort of balances PVP, giving everyone an even playing field, yet still retaining competitiveness.

everything else will pretty much customised.
I couldn't decide on renewal or not, so I've done some work, and I'm currently developing it into a hybrid server.

What is this Hybrid server you may ask?
It will have all the features, items, monsters etc of a renewal server, while still keeping combat mechanics as pre-renewal.
This means all those hours spent learning about the game, pre-renewal, such as builds, gear, class familiarity, won't go to waste! Yet there will be enough new stuff to learn.
Think of it as the best version of RO.

I'm currently developing the server as we speak, and a lot of what I've talked about is already implemented. Everything just needs organising a little more, a little polish, then rolling out to the public.

Any questions, feel free to ask 😁